After months (literally) of going backwards and forwards on deciding which camera would best suit me and my needs I finally plucked up the courage and made the jump to the Sony A7Rii after hearing SO many good things about this little mirrorless camera especially with its huge 42 megapixel sensor, built-in image-stabilisation and the ability to use my existing Canon EF lenses with an adapter.


The Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art is probably among my most used (And favourite) lenses so the decision to use the Sigma MC-11 adapter was an easy one as it supports most of the features I want such as eye focus and tracking. I did hear some conflicting reports that the auto focus is slow when using these adapters but so far I've been pretty impressed, even with the Canon 70-200mm, it's not quite as fast as my Canon DSLR's but its definitely useable especially for portraits or events. The battery grip was an obvious choice given it's terrible battery performance, it also helps for those photographers with larger hands such as myself. Anyway here are some of the very first images I captured with the A7Rii at the North Somerset Birds of Prey centre near Bristol. 


Disclaimer: My Canon DSLR's will still come to every shoot with me and will still remain my choice for sports and ultra-low light shooting, I can't live without them just yet..

Also a huge thank you to North Somerset Bird of Prey centre for giving me access to their fantastic centre. Their website is - https://www.nsbopc.co.uk

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